Tuesday, January 15, 2008


wow. december 19th, huh? that's a loooooong time. but... *things* occured during this time.

  • christmas in maine

  • christmas in connecticut (ha ha ha)

  • new years

  • extensive house hunting (averaging 7-9 houses a weekend)

  • new york giants run at the super bowl (to be continued this weekend)

  • work load/stress exponentially increasing

there must be other things, but those are the ones that really stick out in my mind. the holidays were great. I spent some time updating some photos on shutterfly of ireland... one of my new year's resolutions is to finish updating and posting all of the ireland photos plus our wedding photos that are all on disks right now (yeah... wedding date was 10/14/06). actually... let's go over the resolutions now. :) (just as a side note... I totally love lists. I don't really follow them at all and will frequently lose them, but I feel so much better once I've written them.)

  • resolution 1: lose 25 pounds (I am not doing this because I think I am overweight. I am doing this for my own health and trying to make sure that I stay heart-conscious. I've got enough potential problems thanks to genetics... I'm not going to help them out any more!)

  • resolution 2: upload and organize all the "family" photos (it's already taken me long enough to do the wedding photos... I've had several requests for those photos and have just really really slacked off)

  • resolution 3: buy a house (ok, so this shouldn't really count as a resolution... but I guess it's more a goal. not that DH and I are going to rush into the first thing we find because we want to move by the end of the year, but it'd be nice to be 27 and live in a house and build a family - though the dog and cats are fine for now thank you).

  • resolution 4: quilt more (I definitely don't quilt as much as I should... I have so much that I want to do and so many ideas that I want to work on, but never have the energy or the desire to pick it up. I could blame the work space, or the lack of time, or any number of things - definitely never DH though, he encourages me to work - but they would just be excuses to cover the reality that I'm just lazy. I see other quilt blogs and the pickle postings with people spending so much time quilting and finishing a bazillion projects and it just depresses me really... I could never finish that much so why bother?).

  • resolution 5: stay clean (and no, I don't mean shower regularly. I need to stay more organized in my life - money, paperwork, STUFF. I just need to learn to "let it go" and just throw things away if I don't need them anymore. I know I have support from the home team on this one... it's just a matter of sticking with it).

ok that's it for resolutions. well, I probably could think of more, but that is really the core. some I guess are long-term, some more short-term, but I think that it's a good start. I want to be better about kfquilts, and just things in general, too. I want to be the person that people find reliable... which hasn't always been the case (gill's commission quilt, for example). but at the same time, I need to find that balance between making time for me, for me and DH, and for me and everything else.

ok, so... tuesdays are now my "relaxation" day because DH has (another) bowling league. this would be the greatest opportunity to quilt. which I totally expect to do. next week. because this week... I had to unload *everything* in my pantry because we had indian meal moths. these are disgusting little buggers that live in grains, cereals, and other such places. they probably came to be because of two reasons: a) I tend to buy things for one food project then forget it exists and b) we had mice living in our walls/pantry - like tons of them - and sometimes the moths can be attracted to the food that mice bring in. though the moths had made their temporary homes in a variety of things in our pantry, including some spices, rice, and pasta, the main offender was a container of quaker oats. I don't even know if it had previously been opened. but those danged moths found a way. when I tried opening the container to see if it was "infected"... I almost gagged. I could barely open the container it had so much... well... moth stuff in it. for fear of being eaten by the reincarnation of mothra and thus leaving DH and the pets to their own devices, I quickly shut the container and threw it away. [shudder] SOOO gross. BUT, hopefully I will be able to just wipe down the residue from the spray (which sounds sketchy when you think that I'll soon be placing my food products on the shelves) and then resume life once again.

ok, well I have dilly-dallied at work for far too long now... I *must* get back to... well... whatever it is I pretend to do every day. :)


David said...

ok. for those of you who are not as "blog" savvy as i guess my "DW" is, i just want to clarify one thing. as i'm reading this post i was trying to figure who "DH" was that she was buying a house with and whatnot. then it dawned on me (or i called her to find out, which ever you want to believe) that it meant "darling husband." imagine my confusion, since she normally calls me DAS (my initials), but apparently that third letter was just too much to type. at least by saving that one letter i am doing my part in helping my "DW" avoid carpal tunnel. ha ha....

Jen said...

Ohhhhhh what is it with Oat Meal?!? A few years back I opened up a fresh container that I had just purchased at the store. It didn't even make it into my cupboards. I went to put it in the mixing bowl for cookies and I noticed that the whole container was moving...and was the same color as the oatmeal. I thought I was going to die. Everyone said I should have taken it back to the store but honestly...WHO wants to take that with them once they know what's in it???