Tuesday, March 4, 2008

wha..? I have a blog..?

no seriously? I have a blog? and it needs to be updated? hm. I'll have to look into that.

it's been a while... and I'm not really too sorry about it. I needed some time away to really think about what I wanted with my quilting. I know it's a big part of my life, or I want it to be a bigger part, and I know that I would have to sacrifice some things in order to do so. I just need to figure out what can and will be put on a back burner... without my feeling badly about it.

that aside, I tried to locate my quilting bug by watching dvr'd episodes of 'simply quilts'. a few of them were really great... very informative. boy they don't give you much time... I'd be stressed out if I were a guest - alex anderson really pushes you along! then I made a trip to joann's fabrics. I had my 50% off coupon... and of course, everything that I wanted was on sale already so I didn't just frivolously spend. I did get a really neat frame, though, that will (eventually) showcase some ireland photos. we gave a few triptychs (sp?) away as gifts for christmas, but didn't keep any for ourselves... so now das has (8) 4" x 6" spaces in which to work. :) overall, it did work a little... I brought out the machine on saturday for some sewing, but then got distracted. I thought I would have all evening to myself as das was working at a home show event, but he got out a LOT earlier than expected so we had the evening to ourselves. sans quilting, however. maybe tonight... I PLAN on it. I NEED to do it. for me.

so that's all I'll include in this post for today. there's other stuff that went on during my 2-ish week hiatus... but... that's for another day. :)

ps) and I'd love to put up a signature... but it looks like crap on my darker background. ick!

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