Sunday, April 27, 2008

operation chicago: sunday

sunday was a pretty lazy day. we didn't make any plans other than finish the quilt (my job ha ha), have lunch with our friends chris and ashley (whose wedding we missed last june), and come back for dinner (homemade vegan pizza). the quilt came out great, I thought. it definitely was H U G E... 88" x 96"... the largest I've ever made (well, dave's mom's quilt may have been the same size or slightly larger, but who's counting... we'll just say it's the largest I've had to bring as a carryon onto a plane). I had das take pictures while I got ready for lunch... since I obviously finished it last minute. :) if it weren't FOR the last minute, I swear I wouldn't get a damn thing done! :) our friends loved the quilt, though, so I could ask for anything more. we didn't unfold it too much outside as it had rained a bit the night before, but we did enough to be able to see everything. we had a heck of a time trying to find a place to eat, though. they aren't from the city, but rather the outskirts, so they aren't that familiar with the ins and outs of the area. we ended up at a place called cans bar and canteen... aptly named as they primarily serve beer in cans. not my most favorite way of imbibing (I prefer bottles, or a cold pint glass) but I opted for a large can of hard english cider... so it was all ok. :) we got back later than expected so we weren't too hungry... we decided to nap on the couch to pass the time (I know... who goes on vacation to NAP?!). eventually it was time for dinner... M made us some great vegan pizza. I had the spinach and pine nuts topped pizza. fabulous! I was still kind of full from lunch and the large quantity of chips and salsa appetizer I had, so I didn't sample the other options (he made three pizzas). it was a good night of laughs and family. we hit the hay late and got ready for our busy busy last day in chicago!

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