Sunday, May 4, 2008

how creative!

so my friend deb is pregnant. (yay!) she's due june 6th. unfortunately, she has been in the hospital for the past few weeks with some complications. she's fine and the baby's fine, but it's just precautionary.

however, because of that... her baby shower was held at the hospital yesterday evening. of course, I had to work (which ended up being later than *anyone* expected)... so I didn't make it, nor did I make it to the "actual shower" at her house this afternoon (her DH opened the presents; deb was there via webcam). BUT, I did do presents tonight with her at her hospital room. I did a diaper cake (with some onesies as the top layer), plus gave her a baby timer (which is so way cool), a "coming home set" with scratch mittens and booties, spoons, and snack cups. her theme was frogs (among other things) which, for a boy, is so incredibly cute. I had to force myself to stop buying clothes... it's addictive... a disease. there should probably be support groups or something... BCA (baby clothes anonymous). anyway, here are some pictures of the diaper cake I did (in order of assembly). enjoy! (sorry they are all in a line - blogger wasn't playing nice w/ my layouts)

it was so much fun to make... and deb just loved it. I am glad I was able to give her something homemade (since the quilt hasn't even left the "design stage" yet).

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