Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I almost forgot!

I know that jacob is already born and all that jazz... but I completely forgot to post pictures of the card I made for deb! I used the "unfroggetable" set from stampin' up plus some random cardstock from michaels (it was on sale).

you can see the front and inside... then my way uber-geeky stampin' up stamp. :) it's mainly supposed to be used if you are selling your cards using the stampin' up materials and stamps, but both my mom and I have one. I like it... it adds the personal touch. wouldn't it be neat to just have a stamp for personalizing quilts?! well, I'm sure it's out there... I just haven't seen it... yet.
this brings me to... well, jacob (aka "jake and bake", or, my personal favorite, "cubby bear"). I went to visit him for the first time on tonight. I brought deb dinner (yummy baked ziti) plus some extra materials to make another batch later. her fridge has been a bit bare since she just got back from the hospital on saturday after being there for a month! anyway, jacob is just absolutely beautiful. he was born at 6lbs. 14 oz., but has lost a few ounces since then... you wouldn't know it though - he eats like a little piggy wiggy! :) I got to feed him and burp him; he was gracious enough not to spit up on me - though he may be reserving that for visit number two. everything about him is just perfection... his little eye capsules (which were mostly closed when I was there), his tiny ears, his teeny nose and mouth. and there is nothing more serene and calming than having a newborn sleeping curled up on your shoulder. I'm so honored to be able to experience this with deb and matt... congrats you two - he's wonderful!
now about that baby quilt... :/

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