Thursday, May 22, 2008

what to do?

so as the two of you who read this blog know (or at least assume)... I'm a *wicked* procrastinator. it's a major flaw of mine... and while I try say that I'm going to get better... I usually end up saying, "I'm going to get better... tomorrow." [sigh] well, there's a quilt I need to (start and) finish for a friend's wedding back from november of 2007. that one is *not* all my fault... my mom had fabrics cut out for a quilt and she gave it to me... and I started it. however... I loved it way too much and wanted to keep it. SO, back to the drawing board. [sigh] then I have jacob's baby quilt, which deb knows will most likely be jacob's first birthday quilt. but that's ok... he'll appreciate it more when he can be crawling all over it then anyway. I guess this all stems from the fact that, well, I have been potentially propositioned to do a t-shirt quilt for an old high school friend of mine. to be fair, I haven't even done *my* t-shirt quilt yet and I've been saving for a while. das's, too. I would love to do it for her, but I'm afraid that I'll fall into the rut of "of course I'll do that but I hope you don't mind if I wait until the absolute last minute then rush around to get it done". it's the story of my quilting life!! I guess it'll depend how many t-shirts she has (thought she did varsity sports through college, so I'm sure it'll be a lot) and how big she really wants it. I was thinking of suggesting that we do it double sided with t-shirts as the front and the back, though I'm concerned about how that'll work with quilting and whatnot. if it's small enough, I could pull it off with my own machine and save the cost of outsourcing, but if it's bigger than a breadbox (ok, ok, maybe a lap would be ok)... I'll have to send it out. I shouldn't worry about it yet b/c it's not even set in stone that it'll happen... but I guess I just want to be ready in case it does. [sigh]

so for the two people who are reading... ever done a t-shirt quilt and want to offer suggestions? or what about a double-sided quilt?

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