Thursday, July 17, 2008

house update

just a little info so you know that I'm still alive out there in blogland. :) I've been out of touch for a few days what with moving and all... and there won't be phone, cable, or internet at the new house until the 24th (though it could be sooner) so all my internet action is here at work. :)

moving went well... it is what it is. sucky. :) at this point the living room is mostly set up (aside from a few rogue boxes of wire and electronics) and the kitchen is half set up. I do want to get some additional furniture things so that I can put my cookbooks somewhere appropriate. we shall see... I have a lot more cabinets than I am used to so it's fun (yet frustrating) trying to figure out what they all should hold! not that that's a bad problem to have.

well, the sewing room will hopefully be moved this weekend... though I won't have any time to set anything up. I leave for maine quilts on tuesday night! yay! I can't believe it's already here... which reminds me... I have to upload some files to my flash drive for the signs (I am chairwoman of signs and photography). I should get going... :D

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Suzan said...

As if buying a house isn't difficult enough, then there is the moving! I have company this weekend and the I start packing. What a scream! Have a great time off to "Maine Quilts"!