Wednesday, July 23, 2008

maine quilts 2008 - day 1

so here I am... in my hotel room... so desperately needing to finish up my signs for tomorrow... and I'm blogging. :) well, that and reading blogs and noshing on fudge covered graham crackers and diet sunkist and soaking my feet in watermelon fizzy and other general procrastination type things. :) so I'll just do a quickie update and then get on my merry way.

this morning was rough... it was so early after a late night drive (four plus hours with the bad weather through worcester, ma) and then having to do laundry (I had NO underwear!) and then finally getting some sleep in a cool environment (it's a bazillion and a half degrees in newington... and trust me, the half a degree matters)... ugh. but madre and I, armed with dunkin' donuts, made the hour trek up to augusta. first I had to drop off my new signage... there were some new vendors that das had done signs for, plus the "meet the quilter" and emilie richards book signing booth signs. then, he'd also done a new show sponsor sign that went over SO well... I was beaming at my husband's handiwork. AND I totally gave him full credit as I just sent him the file and said, "do what you can." :) then I had to print out the row signage... and I totally brain farted thinking that I'd left it at work on my computer. ACK! I emailed the girls and work... they said I owed them at least dinner for such a last-minute, large favor... but then, I turned on my computer and low and behold in the lower right hand corner was a folder called "quilts" that amazingly had all of my templates from last year. phew... I didn't have to buy them dinner after all. :D but then I realized that I didn't need to bust my butt because those signs weren't going up until tomorrow anyway. oh well. one less thing to do before bed tonight I suppose. then I went out on the floor and was helping to hang quilts. there are a LOT of them this year... and they are all so beautiful. a lot of times at shows there are about half that are "WOW" material and then others that kind of say, "well... ok." this year, there are so many more wow quilts. it's such a comment to our state show and our wealth of quilters! yay maine! :) well, while I was hanging up some quilts, some dude starts taking pictures from above me in the next row over. I come to find out he's from the kennebec journal and they are doing a piece previewing the show! so I may have my face in the local paper... so cool. of course, I'll do what I can to find a copy and post... otherwise, you'll just have to take my word for it. after that... madre and I stuffed our faces for a linner (lunch + dinner) at arby's then checked into the hotel. except for a brief outing to walmart... we've just been chilling at the home base. tomorrow starts up the crazy... lots of sign hanging, quilt hanging, all the photography, and then the champagne preview. hopefully I can get *some* sleep. :)

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