Friday, July 25, 2008

maine quilts 2008 - day 2

ok, so it's a day late... but blogger was acting all weird last night and I figured it'd be ok today. and it's not really. so I'll just suck it up and post. :) yesterday was short anyway.

again we got up early... but it was still a late start. I think we were late because the cafe mocha at the continental breakfast is disgusting, but in reality it was because my mom and I are lazy and wanted to sleep in for an extra five to 45 minutes. :) we did get a copy of the kennebec journal to see if my picture was in the paper - and lo and behold - it was! unfortunately there was no associated story, but the picture was a) on the front of the audience/living/home section and b) it was in color! way super cool! :)

my day was pretty much eaten up by signage craziness. all the vendors (sorry, merchants... we have to call them merchants now) were arriving and setting up... which had to be done by that night before the champagne preview. and I'm trying to get signage out. now I'll say that YES, I should have had a lot of this done beforehand but I was moving and didn't have the chance to do it at work or at home. (ok, whining session is over) I had some teacher signage to do plus all the various directional signage and whatnot. so as any sane person would do, I went and started the show photography. :) of course, after about 45 minutes, they had to come find me and request that I come back. :) it all got sorted out... and while there were still signs to be done last minute, I'm ok with it. this is my second year doing the signage and it was almost easier last year... probably that whole lack of knowledge thing. now that I'm supposed to "know stuff"... we'll see. it'll be easier next year... I'm going to reorg the stock signage and try and pump out the teacher information, etc earlier. of course, I recall saying that last year, too... that worked out well. :D

so the champagne preview went well, I think. it's the first glimpse at all the quilts and merchants. judging usually finishes, like, ten nanoseconds before it's supposed to open... and this year was no different. :) I didn't have a judged quilt this year (or, well, any year actually ha ha!) but I did put in my red sox quilt and my birthday quilt for das. what do you think?

maybe some year I'll put in a judged quilt. who knows... I think I can really only handle the biddies at the local fairs (which even then is frustrating and scary).

anyway... I saw a lot of things I want to buy (which is why I promptly went to the hotel and balanced my checkbook so I *know* what I can spend... which isn't much). I saw a lot of quilts I want to make, or are in the process of making... and I'm really glad that I'm a part of maine quilts. it's a great bunch of people and fabulous quilts to boot! that night at the hotel, I uploaded the pics from the show (so far... only rows 9 of 31... we have about 650 quilts in the show)... then did up a few more signs to print out... and again got to bed too late. such is my life.

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