Tuesday, August 19, 2008

yay! a quilting post! (kind of)

well, a quilting post and a recap of the past few days. my parents are down visiting so I've been hanging out with them and not doing a whole lot of blogging. also, my co-worker is on vacation, too, so I haven't really blogged at work either. I know all two of you are sitting on the edge of your seat just anxiously awaiting the details of my mundane life... so here you go. ;)

so thursday night, my parents brought all the stuff I have been anxiously posting about. unloading the moving truck wasn't as daunting as I thought it would be, so all worked out well. and by moving truck, I do mean a 14' truck... but only about 1/8 of it was filled. that was just the smallest they could get. still funny though. :) anyway, the greatest accomplishment of the night... was breaking out the treadle. yeah, that's right. my mom brought me my grandmother's treadle sewing machine. it needs some work... namely a tune-up, new leather strap, and a good polishing of the wood (unfortunately, it has a gouge in it from its original move to my parents' house a few years back). I have plans to do some 30s wallhangings with it... for a little authenticity. :) I looked up the serial number on singer's website and discovered that it was in a lot of 5000 (model/class #44) out of elizabeth, new jersey on january 8, 1910. :) how rad is that?! I am very excited. in addition to the great treadle that was brought, we finally have some semblance of a spare room! my parents brought a full size bed (the whole set) plus sheets, a dresser, and a behemoth mirror. they also brought my old student desk so now I have that... and can finally use my computer at home (more easily than I was anyway).

friday das and I went to happy hour at, hm... well, I don't remember where (and NO, it's not because I was drunk!). we had some fabulous wings and other typical bar fare... it was a good, fun night. not much else to report there...

saturday I kind of slept in. not as much as I would've liked... but oh well I guess. we watched some olympics recaps... made breakfast... just generally lazed around. then das found some sales for kitchen/dining furniture so we decided to go check it out. we need a new kitchen table since our other one, well, isn't going to make it up the stairs (it's pretty old, and falling apart). one of the first ones we saw was really awesome... but also $1200. so we opted against that one. then we went to bob's discount furniture and found a great set plus a coffee table with end tables (it's being delivered as I write!). :) then we came home, had an awesome taco meal, and watched more olympics. here are some photos of the furniture. the table is just an example... it's not quite the one we got, but similar. the coffee table is exact... isn't the elevating table top cool?! now we can more satisfactoraly eat dinner in front of the TV! (oh, and we opened the homemade pickles - AWESOME!!)

sunday... I slept in. a little bit anyway. then my mom and I went out to the old house, loaded up the jetta... and I finally brought almost all of my stuff back. there was a lot there... but most of it was in bags and was easily manipulated to fit into the car. :) I will probably go back tonight to get my long table, the iron, the light for my lightbox, and the rest of my scrapbooking stuff (if there's room). after loading that up and then unloading it again back home, das and I got ready for a concert at mohegan sun: cheap trick, heart, and journey. we've seen journey before... and had a really great time. not so much this time around. they played a lot of songs we weren't familiar with... but heart totally rocked the house!! ann wilson is still the amazing songstress she has always been, and nancy plays a mean guitar. it was a wonderful show... I wish THEY were headlining!! now since my parents didn't get to go on their canadian vacation, they decided to hit up the slots at mohegan while we were there. after the concert, we met up with them for a few minutes... I won $20 on the penny slots (for my mom). then I promptly lost my $20 I played. das won $30... and then we were leaving. well, my dad said, "no wait! I see the one that'll be the jackpot!" we all said, "oh ok..." and slowly followed him over to the machine. about $11 into his $20... he hits a BAR-10x BONUS-BAR... which gave him 300 tokens (which is $75)!! apparently that was enough jackpot for him... because we left shortly after. :)

monday... was a dragging, dr a g g i n g day. after a late night sunday and all the olympic fever... it was rough. but after work, mom and I went to joann's fabric. what an event... did you know that they don't put out their irons for general viewing? well, I didn't. and apparently that's the biggest process known to man. 47 associates and 3 hours later... (sigh). I didn't buy an iron. :)

and now we're at today. which, for me, is over! :) time to head home... to my new (though slightly dinged) furniture... to my sewing machine... to my family... and to a tasty hamburger dinner. I hope to do up some photos tonight. maybe I'll show off my dimly-lit-but-more-expansive-sewing area. ;)

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