Monday, September 29, 2008

the blue ribbon I should have gotten

so das and I went and picked up the goods last night from the fair. I had the quilt, our photography, and the pickles. sometimes, if you are lucky (and also depending on the category), you'll get comments on your card saying things you did well that the judges particularly liked, or things to improve upon. there are far too many entries in the photo category for comments... besides I think that it's all pretty arbitrary anyway. the quilt had several comments, and even the lady from whom I picked it up had additional things to say. essentially I had a bad label (which was true... it was thrown on there from maine quilts when I just needed an identifer); I had a few stray threads (and I know exactly where they are b/c I totally forgot to snip them); and, I needed to fix my mitred corners in the binding (I'll have to talk to my mom since she did the binding for me). all the other comments were great. the woman even led me to believe that I could have had best of group were it not for those minor details. I was pleased to say the least!

and then there were the pickles. I figured I wouldn't get any comments because there are an awful lot of canning entries. I didn't know if they had judging just for pickled cukes or if they handled all the pickling. anyway, I looked on the back and there were three things: the number three (I got third), soft, cloudy. so on the walk back to the car, das and I were discussing the comments. he said, "you know those pickles weren't that cloudy before, right? they looked much better than that when you submitted them." which is true... they were very cloudy now and weren't when I brought them in a week before. then das innocently says, "do you think it has anything to do with the fact that they weren't refrigerated since last week?"

yes folks. canning usually doesn't involve a fridge to make them. everything is canned and then boiled to blah blah blah blah... I don't know. I didn't do it that way. I never have. ever. I made refrigerator pickles. you know, the kind that need to be refrigerated!!!

so really the blue ribbon I should have gotten was in "attempted murder of the canning judges".

oops. :)

but I still got third place. and we haven't try to eat any of the third-place winning pickles. we know better now.


Suzan said...

Eeeewwwuuu.... Seriously, I think it is great that you entered so many of the catagories. I could not bear being judged by others. My mother does enough of that for me!

swooze said...

My son loves pickles. How do you make fridge pickles?