Tuesday, November 4, 2008

channeling my inner 17 year old

so. I was supposed to post yesterday. and I did have every intention of doing so. just like I had the intention to finish up my kosher pickles border exchange to mail out for today. and I was going to make my parents' birthday cards. and I was going to pack a little for the retreat this weekend.

but. I didn't. you can see that. this post reads... november 4th.

so let me tell you what I did do. I ran some errands (I heart target). put away the halloween decorations and costumes. packed up the crystal punch bowl with cups. organized the tailgating slash camping stuff and put that away. did three loads of laundry. made dinner (courtesy of a tasty quick recipe from storey).

then sat down to eat dinner... and read. that is the point in time when... I lost all track of time. when I zoned out to the fact that das's tum hurt and refused to eat dinner and fell asleep on the couch watching football. when I finally reached for the tea I'd fixed an hour before that had more than just cooled off. when I realized... holy crap... I am obsessed with this... this... TEEN LIT BOOK!

that's right... last night, I blew through book two of the twilight series. all five hundred pages of it. in four and three quarters hours. but I could not put it down. I couldn't force myself to put the bookmark in and go to bed. I needed to know what would happen to bella and edward and jacob and the whole cullen family. I felt as though I was there... walking through the washington woods with them... standing at the cold, windy beaches. my heart was breaking when theirs was; I was happy when they were. this series is as infectious as harry potter (and please forgive me for saying... but the british guys in both movies are smoking hot - don't deny your inner high schooler, you know I speak the truth). I am looking forward to going home so I can plop down and just start in on the next book. not that I can... I have stuff to do... but still.

I must get things done tonight... things that do not involve "eclipse". (sigh)

oh, and I have edward as my desktop at work. and I also can't wait for the movie. on november 21st. that's, like, sixteen days. but not that I'm counting. I'm not *that* obsessed.


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Storeyann said...

sigh....I finished it earlier tonight. I loved it, I want to read it again. I think we should pace ourselves on the reading, as the final book will not be out for a while, and we will be all anxious to know what happens.

And you know how my inner high school girl feels about the boys in both movies. But she still listens to N*Sync too....don't tell anyone.