Friday, January 2, 2009

back in the saddle again

hello internet. it's me. kt. you may remember me from november... the last time I posted. and perhaps a few times before that. well, I hope you'll welcome me back into your good graces as I attempt to rekindle the relationship we had oh so long ago. I know we've been through a rather tumultuous time as of late... I, well, have been neglecting you, internet. you've been there for me but I haven't really responded... I've left you in the dark.

please know that I am truly sorry for my behavior and I will certainly do my best to communicate with you... well, more regularly shall we say.

yes, yes... I know. you've heard it before, and yes. I know... you're not trusting. you've lost the ability to believe after being burned before. but give me just one more chance... one more opportunity to show you, internet, that yes... I can stay true to my word.

I may be a changed woman... but internet, I need you. I always have. I just can't quit you.

not yet anyway.

happy 2009 everyone. I hope that 2008 brought you many fond memories, but also handed you lemons so that you could really see how amazing it all was.

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Suzan said...

Welcome back! Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it?!