Wednesday, October 3, 2007

as expected...

... I sat on my duff all night last night and ultimately got *nothing* done. I could have at least organized my stuff for saturday's potential quilt-all-day-to-benefit-breast-cancer-research thing, but noooo. I watched tv. I mean, yeah, I got home late from work... then defrosted wings for das and a salmon steak for moi... by the time we were done eating, we were well into our dvr'd and regular tuesday nite programming. which by the way is killing my sleep schedule... gah! we've got bowling league tonight, and tomorrow is just out-of-control crazy with 'closing day' at the club then a late-late night soccer game. no wonder I've been having coffee this week... I can't help it! so *maybe* after league tonight I can get my butt in gear and prep some things... (I'd wanted to cut out everything so that I can just sew sew sew on saturday). or maybe I'll sit on my duff again and watch tv. I'm voting for option (2). [sigh] :(

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