Friday, October 26, 2007

fast approaching...

well, another weekend that I won't be able to work on things. our retreat is *right* around the corner... as in november 2-4... and I'm not going to have a thing to contribute. I will definitely not get the challenge quilt done (not that I have enough confidence in my border design to think I'd win anyway); I won't have my 30's fabrics cut. however, I am so excited for the opportunity to just sew... I have three (3) quilts that I'll be working on... two wedding quilts, and one commission quilt. I was hoping that I'd be able to start on my minkee quilt, or on my batik quilt, but chances are slim I'll have the opportunity. I think that I will bring them anyway, just in case I need a break and need to cut. it's always nice to be able to cut where I have space, since my cutting table is really only a hand-me-down round dinner table with my cutting mat on it. pretty minimal space, but it works, and I just put bed lifters under it, too, so now I don't break my back when attempting to work. :)

hopefully I'll get something done at the retreat to show off with some pictures!!

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