Thursday, October 18, 2007

back to the grind

so, the weekend is over. and yes, I know it's thursday. :D we had a great time... I posted pictures to flickr, but I think I'm going to be transfering pictures from flickr to either shutterfly, webshots, or kodak. flickr only allows you to have three sets of photos... beyond that you either have to pay $20/year to have as many as you want, or just accept the cluster-f of photos that now exist in your organizr. DH uses kodak, but we'll see... I know aimee uses shutterfly for the kids' photos, and it works really well. plus I got a free photobook from them through dogster and it came out great.

more news on the adult education front. I hope to have a meeting with the director at the beginning of next week to discuss all of the details. my original thought was to do a general "how-to" class, but I feel like that might not work. I've never taught before so I'm slightly intimidated and would rather go from a book or pattern first off, rather than just going at it blindly. I *love* terry atkinson patterns (so easy, so cute!) and have already done some of her designs, so I may do that. I am thinking either "a thousand lakes" or "yellow brick road"... I may even try the "lucky stars" (all of which I have done before). my other option is "winning hand" which I have not yet done... but have all the fabrics for already (making it easy to sew along with the class). also to consider... length of class and cost. some of the surrounding towns have had similar classes ("turning twenty", random other patterns, etc.)... they have ranged from 6 wks/3 hrs a night to 8 wks/2 hrs a night and from anywhere to $65-$75 (depending on resident/non-resident). any suggestions would be appreciated!

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