Thursday, October 11, 2007

why I married him...

so my DH has decided that we shall take a mini-trip for our one--year anniversary! yay! we are going to be heading down to mystic to stay in a cabin plus go to the aquarium (been in ct for 8 years, and have never been) and to visit the area shops and perhaps partake of the "slice of heaven" mystic pizza! there's a really cool "nautical nightmares" guided tour at the seaport that sounds like a lot of fun too. we'll be taking along the mini-grill, too, so that we can at least cook up a hearty breakfast with some eggs and bacon. mmmm... bacon. :D the cabin is pretty cool... it's kind of like camping, but with a real bed and real walls. there's a mini-fridge, but other than that, it's just a bed and an end table, plus a porch swing out front and (hopefully) an area for an open fire (can you say s'mores?). bathrooms/showers are outside and whatnot. I'm really psyched for this trip!! it'll be the only weekend we have to really relax until the trip to ireland, so I'm glad for it.

also, on a side note... I have been thinking about teaching an adult education quilting class in my town. I noticed that they have a few crafty things... scrapbooking, photography, sewing ("sewing shortcuts" is the only one). but there was nothing for quilting. I figure that it would be a good opportunity to give teaching a try... I've already kind of thought about what I could do or how I would set it up. it would probably only be a max of 8-10 weeks (just from what I saw with the other classes) and class time would be an hour or two. I wouldn't want anyone to get burned out... but it'd be nice to be able to do half the class talking about color, different patterns/shapes, technique, and then be able to put those to use with a simple nine-patch lap quilt, or star wall-hanging. although, I guess it would depend on what it is they want or need... maybe 100 people have already asked to teach a quilting course and they just aren't interested! [sigh] who knows?! I have emailed the director of the adult education program to see what sort of process is involved with applying to be a teacher... we'll see!

[update: I had wanted to add that DM took a jewelry class through adult education (which got my gears turning) and she was making a fabulous necklace. the teacher was from the beadin path in freeport. I'm getting one of the necklaces... hopefully in time to match my little black dress for one of the two weddings left this season!]

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