Tuesday, November 13, 2007

busy.. I guess

so the retreat went well. I suppose. didn't get as much done as I'd wanted to. cut out a few things... and, well, that I guess would be it. oh, well, I started the binding on ben's quilt, but then my mom finished it for me because I'm slower than stop with my binding... I love doing it and I'm very precise with it but she's just faster. it could have to do with the fact that she does about half as many stitches per inch than I do. such is life. oh wait. I remember... I did do something else, too... I finished up about 40 blocks by sewing the last piece to them. they still need to be pressed open and such... but at least the block part is completed. I guess. [sigh] god... the more I think about it, the more I realize I didn't get stuff done. ugh. disgusting. then we had a wedding in new jersey... which was awesome... but it was *so* awesome I just slept when I got home rather than quilt. [sigh] at least julie picked up the bubble jet set and synthropal for me so that I can, hopefully, stop at the store and get some white cotton to make my pieces. I need to work on the baseballs, too... at least have those blocks done by this weekend so that I can embroider the stitching on over the weekend (yikes - 16 blocks!). the quilt needs to be done by december 2... so I'm asking my longarmer when I have to get it to her in order to have it done by the 1st... I'll just have to haul ass with my binding (which as stated above is not something that really actually happens that quickly) and then have a prepared label to do... if I am printing out those pictures on fabric... I can probably whip something up in photoshop (read: have das whip something up in photoshop) and use that. the planning is all there... we'll see if it all comes out!

[sigh] too many sighs in this post. :/

update: my soon to again be ex-coworker but still friend julie showed me how to knit (again) today. the knitting fairy has done her good deed for the day! :) thanks julie!

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