Tuesday, November 20, 2007


so. it's time for thanksgiving again. not a huge deal, I guess... but I always put myself through the agony of cooking. don't get me wrong... I love it. I guess I thrive on the stress of pleasing my family, of not poisoning the guests, and of picking food items that people will enjoy but may not get everywhere else (I need them to want to come back). that being said... here's my thanksgiving menu.

  • bacon wrapped chestnuts (appetizer)
  • devilishly spicy deviled eggs (appetizer)
  • carrot and ginger honey soup (soup course)
  • honey brined turkey with honey and red wine gravy
  • orange-honey stuffing
  • green bean casserole
  • honey and mustard baked acorn squash
  • baked cranberry sauce
  • pearl onions (note: my father and DH *love* these... no one else does. ever.)
  • sweet potato rolls
  • apple butter pumpkin pie (dessert)
  • tiramisu (dessert)

so that's that... feel free to shed a tear for me. I may shed more than one. but, I am a glutton for punishment.

speaking of being a glutton for punishment... this commission quilt. wow. I am so excited by the idea of it... and really want to copyright the pattern I designed, but holy crap. it's a lot of work. I am embroidering stitching to make it look like a baseball... ICK. I didn't think I was that slow of an embroiderer (even though I am the World's Slowest Binder) and I have 2-1/2 of 16 done. yeah... it's due on sunday to the quilter. I haven't made the printable fabric yet for the fenway panorama. I have everything... but it's just not made yet. we'll see... [sigh] shoot me now.

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