Friday, November 30, 2007

it's been fun.

wow. it's been a while since I posted anything. let me run down what's been going on.

  • thanksgiving - a success! all the food was fabulous. I'll pat myself on the back for that, for sure. even so much so... that I would [gasp!] *keep* and [double gasp!] *reuse* those recipes for thanksgiving again next year! except the turkey... I think it could have been more moist (not that it wasn't)... though it did make a kick-ass gravy!! :D
  • commission quilt - time's winding down. it was *supposed* to go to the quilter on sunday. last sunday. it's still on my cutting table. unfinished. can you believe that I ran out of red! it's a red sox quilt! how do I run out of red!?!??!? and really all I needed was two 5-5/8" blocks for triangles. I had someone p/u the red I needed (moda marbles - christmas red) and was able to get under way again. however... monday (no fabric), tuesday (finished the top sans borders), wednesday (home late), and thursday (home late) have all passed by and it's not done. UGH. what a lazy butt. I hope to finish it tonight and drop it off tomorrow morning before we go look at houses... then I'll be putting up some photos of the whole process. that'll be great since the pickle boards were just having a discussion about printable fabrics. maybe my quilt will make it into the pages of QH! ha ha. sorry. wishful thinking moment (WTM) there.
  • no bowser - it's been a nice break to be able to go out and about without having to worry about whether or not bowser has been taken out and whatnot. however, I miss him tremendously. :( he was so loving the days before he "went on vacation"... almost as though he knew he was going to be gone for a whole month. I made sure that he slept on the bed with us for the whole thanksgiving weekend... something he usually never does (he runs into his crate to go to sleep!). [sigh] I miss my bowserfaces... :*(
  • knitting - I am making real progress on my knitting. so much so that I am almost done with my skein (actually, I wound it into a ball a few days ago). it's not as long as I thought it would be but it's definitely long. I am excited about knitting... and I enjoy doing it. the downside... I don't really remember how to cast on... and I've never finished a project before (this pink scarf is my first foray into knitting)... and hell if I know how to change colors !! my friend has just found out she is pregnant with her first child, and has requested some baby booties (after seeing me knit at bowling). I warned her that a) I don't know what I'm doing, b) I've never done that before and c) I really don't know what I'm doing. however, The Knitting Fairy said that she would help me... [sigh].
  • silpada party - was a huge success! I was $60 shy of my rep's top party in sales... but she tossed a few extra dollars my way for the effort. I got some fabulous stuff... a lot that I would never have spent the money on myself... I'll save some of the other pieces for when I go to other parties (julie, possible ellen), or just because. :) if I wasn't bartending... I would seriously consider being a rep... it's an expensive start up though. but my rep has a full-time job and only does her shows on the weekends (mostly) and even has a "no sunday" policy during football season (my type of lady). I don't know... we'll see. :)
  • IRELAND!! - is a week from today. we will be on a plane in, um, about 175 hours. not that I'm, you know, counting down or anything. we're getting organized... I have passports and travel info for once we get to shannon. we booked the hotel at JFK so we can keep our car there and not in the airport parking lot (and still way cheaper than ct limo or any other similar option). I need to do some more research into what the best option is for money exchange... the dollar is *really* weak right now. $750 = about 500 euros. that sucks. BUT, we're still totally pumped. my mom bought us a travel book, and hopefully it will make it to us before we actually leave. hee hee. :) I have been on the discover ireland site and have already found an awesome holiday festival that is going on IN the town where we'll be staying - rock! wow... I am so totally excited right now. WOO HOO!!

I guess that's it for updates... enjoy the afternoon! :D

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