Monday, January 21, 2008


I can't believe it. the giants are in the SUPER BOWL. wow. if I had, like, $6000 extra dollars to spend I would so totally bail on work and the uconn basketball game and fly me and the dasman out to AZ for some good ol' fashioned ny partying (with past super bowl winning team members courtesy of big blue travel) and FOOTBALL. wow. and to be honest, the game is really win-win anyway... even if the giants happened to lose the game, it would *still* be historic with the pats going undefeated for the season. and if the giants win... then, wow... a) they would win the freaking SUPER BOWL and b) they'd be the first NFC wild card team to win the super bowl (dallas went many moons ago, but lost to the steelers in the Big Game).

but since spending more than I have left on my car loan to spend four days in total football bliss... seems... irresponsible... yet... so totally... awesome. [sigh] I guess I'll just have to plan the party instead (which may not even be at our house now... oh well... maybe we'll pick it back up again once we get a "real house"... whatever). I've already got some spectacular ideas to share with the potential hostess... is that wrong?

oh, and for those interested... the tickets from big blue travel go on sale in... about 1 hour, 5 minutes. I have that much time to talk das into it... think I can pull it off?! :D

UPDATE: yeah... the 4-day package is only $5,995. while I feel this is something we could *definitely* afford (if we didn't buy a house for another five years and lived on ramen and tuna indefinitely), we will probably have to pass. we are, however, accepting handouts and donations of free airfare and tickets... :D

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