Thursday, January 24, 2008

football and quilting

so there is a little over a week until The Ultimate In Football Greatness... aka When The Giants Won The Super Bowl. :D confident much? :) I'm really excited for the game. das and I have decided to head over to a friend's house. I'm hoping that I'll be dubbed "official game mom" and be able to provide the food. I've got a good potential list of things I'd like to do.

  • bacon wrapped chestnuts (I did these for thanksgiving and they were awesome)
  • pizza dip (did this for super bowl last year... worked for the elder manning... here's hoping!)
  • betty white's chicken wings (this will be the third time making them... so amazing)
  • bacon wrapped pretzels (because you can never have *too* much bacon when watching pigskin!)
  • chex mix (I like to put some cheez-its in it... and peanuts only rather than mixed nuts)
  • lil' smokies in sauce (the sauce being spicy brown mustard with currant jelly - divine!)

so that's the plan... we'll see if it works out or not. seeing how I'm not the host this year... I don't want to step on toes. but the "lady of the house" at our friend's will be out and about at a super secret bridal shower that afternoon... so I may just do it so she doesn't have to worry about that AND food for hungry boys.

on a quilting note (which hasn't been discussed lately... on my *quilting* blog ha ha)... I will be attending a retreat this weekend at a convent in maine. it's on the coast, which is fabulous (but cold). I have plans to complete (or get pretty darn close) the two wedding quilts in progress... but I'll bring my knitting and some punchneedle just in case I get bored or frustrated. it should be a great time because there won't be too many people there so we'll all have the opportunity to spread out and work. plus, I adore the people that will be there so that makes it much more fun for me. unfortunately, my mom will *not* be in attendance because she's having shoulder replacement surgery tomorrow afternoon that will sideline her for a few weeks. go figure. but I'll be staying at home overnight after the retreat to help her get back on track and to give my dad a break for a night. it was a similar arrangement when she had heart surgery, too. it worked out pretty well. we may do a big of sewing... we'll see. she promised to help me out with my sashing and borders for the 'civil war pumpkin patch' I've been trying to finish for almost two years now. :)

well, that's all for now I think. got to finish up some work things... I'm out tomorrow for an excel level III class... joy of joys! :D

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