Tuesday, March 11, 2008


  • didn't get to sew last night, but I did pin, so when I get home tonight, I anticipate I'll be able to finish the top to the quilt. I'd like to think so anyway. :) perhaps I will miss some american idol, but... I'd rather finish that up. especially if we'll be taking it to chicago with us at the end of april. I need to give my LAQ more than enough time to finish this king size up.

  • my new obsession is facebook. I can't stop. really. I did find a group, though, of under-30 quilter/knitters... so yay for that. it will probably be a short-lived procrastination tool... we'll see.

  • wii fit is coming out on may 19th. or, well, coming out on may 20th. maybe I could get it for das for his birthday... and then when he doesn't use is... I can get it... nah... too cruel.

  • I am going to be putting together a proposal to get my quilt guild online. now, I may have mentioned that I'm not in a quilt guild, but just not one locally. I am in my mother's guild, which is in my hometown in maine. I know some of the people in the guild, but not that many. I would love to be able to get them online and really be involved in centralizing information... we've already made the first step in emailing our newsletter rather than sending it out via snail mail (saves on postage!). so... it's only a matter of time. any suggestions?

  • I put a counter on the site... it may just end up being more depressing than anything, ha ha.

and for those of you who wanted pictures... I am posting an older shot (last fall) of my baby, bowser, posing in front of a baby quilt (or rather 1-year birthday present by the time I got it done). the pattern is one that was in a magazine... wow, I wish I had more useful information than that. but I did another in blues, golds, and browns (with monkeys) for a little boy. it was really easy to put together and I just did some ditch quilting around the blocks. I do like the pattern, and it was big enough to be crawled upon on the floor, but also small enough to not get lost in as a baby/toddler.

and another picture... that I think you all will appreciate!

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