Friday, March 14, 2008

birthday list, etc.

just about done with my rows for my 'jacket plaid' quilt for our friends from chicago (well, they are *from* connecticut, well, one is... whatever, they live in chicago now!). I just need to finish up doing the blocks in all rows (there are ten rows of nine blocks)... so I am putting a chunk of four with a chunk of four then will need to add that last loner block. it's taking longer (besides the laziness factor) because I have split them in half to make sure that one half is being pressed one way, the other half the opposite way. these blocks aren't particularly 100% even, so that will make a big difference when I am putting the rows together, and in keeping the top flat, too. it will take longer, but I'm trying to be better about my pressing (which reminds me... I need a new iron and ironing board) and I think I'll feel better about the overall result.

so my birthday is coming up. the big 2-7. [sigh] there a few things that I want... I've decided to list them here. you know... in case anyone who might want to get me a present is reading this. :)

  • the jammies pattern: I absolutely LOVE loungewear. if it was more socially acceptable, I would wear pajamas ALL the time. das has a thing about me wearing "socially appropriate clothing" in public... and he's NOT referring to revealing clothing. :)
  • barcelona skirt pattern: I don't know why I'm getting into a clothing kick... really. I never made clothes. I tried to make a jumper once in, like, 7th grade. I still haven't finished it. but there's just something about this skirt that says fun. now, if you read the above bullet point... you may be thinking, "um. a skirt? really? why?" I ask myself the same thing. however, it just seems so versatile... maybe it'll be like wearing pajamas all the time. :D
  • blue sky hats: again with amy butler... I'm a huge fan of the sun hat. not so much the skull hat, but hey - someone might like it.
  • ultimate arts & crafts tote: and the last one of her patterns... this just looks great for keeping everything handy. I have my share of tote bags, don't get me wrong - but this is just *made* for it. :)
  • shopping cart cover (click link, go to page 8 or 9): this is from sew baby! pattern lines... and NO I'm not pregnant, but I do have a few friends who are, and this seems like a useful pattern to have for that time when we decide to have kids, too. can't start too early collecting patterns and fabric (although das doesn't agree... ha ha).
  • my favorite jacket book: I saw this on moneik's site and I think it looks great. funny thing, too, I went to do a google search to find a link for the list, and the first site that popped up was the blog entry from moneik! looking through a list of the 'taylor made designs' patterns, I think my mom has the sew easy pajama pants pattern. I'll have to check and see. maybe she'll just let me borrow that instead of getting the jammies pattern listed above. hm. anyway, back to the jackets... I like the shorter one, but the longer one is nice, too.
  • disc o' sit: my mom has one of these and it helps with my posture and whatnot while sitting and quilting. it makes it harder to slouch while you're working, which makes for a happy back! :) especially during long marathon sewing sessions!

just as a note regarding all the amy butler patterns... I have the weekender bag pattern and her book, "in stitches". I am excited, but scared, to work on the bag pattern; I bought the book originally for the fashion checkbook clutch, but fell in love with the kitty tunnel and the bedside organizer, too. I have a few other other her patterns, too (including this, which I bought to make as an overnight bag for my honorary niece, sophia). they are just so fun and intriguing, and really bringing a modern flair to a hobby/lifestyle that many feel are "just for grandmothers".

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