Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patty's day!

well, it's st. patrick's day. and das and I are going to have tacos for dinner. :D I was going to do corned beef and cabbage since his maternal side of the family is irish... but I didn't pick up anything this weekend due to our need to recover from hosting a big st. patrick's day party at our house on saturday night. luckily I had finished all of my necessary cleaning chores on friday night so I was able to head out to a not-so-local quilt shop, gone quilting, in canton, ct. they were having a national quilting day sale of 15% off everything in the store (sans kits and wool). I found some great fabrics... a cream and some greens. I fell in love with one green (2304-4), and I needed at least 2.5 yards and at most, 4 yards. [sigh] go figure they only had 1.875 yards on the bolt. I had to run to another quilt store to see if they had it, but unfortunately, they did not (but they did carry some katmandu, which I saw for the first time in person - totally FAB!). seems as though there aren't that many stores near me that carry clothworks lines. ARGH. of course, there aren't that many quilt stores around me in general so... double ARGH! but I was able to find it at for only $6.99/yd. it was least expensive at, but they only had one yard left in stock. poo. such is my life! I just need to make that final decision as to whether or not I want to go ahead with four yards and use it for both my medium green AND my border, or if I want to just get 2.5 yards for the medium green only. I do have a sub that I'd gotten in light of not being able to get enough... so I could use that. we'll see... we'll see. :)

I don't think I posted about this, but since I won't be attending das's family's passover seder this year (I'll be in maine), I have decided to make a "ten plagues" table runner for the occasion. the website I used to purchase the fabrics had their own pattern, but I created my own. it's very similar, but a few changes. rather than having the larger square (showcasing the fabric representing the particular plague), I decided to make it a separate block of almost the same size. I ordered these fabrics at the beginning of last week, but haven't seen them yet. I have ordered from the site before, just don't remember it taking this long. she was having a spring/passover sale, though, so perhaps that is what is taking longer. BUT, she said I can expect it at the end of this week. yay! I'm excited. :)

random note... last thursday my guild (ok, my mom's guild in maine that I happen to be a part of) approved my proposal to create a website for them. the new site is here. it's definitely a work in progress, but I got it started. any suggestions?

don't know if I'll get much sewing done tonight... with it being taco night and all, I have to stop at the store for fresh veggies. and we have to do some table/floor cleaning from this weekend. we'll see though... I would like to get something done. tomorrow's a potential loss, too, because I have a board meeting for my soccer league until at least 9p... so I won't be home until around 9:30ish. and american idol is on, too. :)

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