Thursday, March 27, 2008

busy little bee!

wow. where do I begin?!

well, my last post I mentioned that I was at a loss over green fabric... I made my decision!! I ordered from over the rainbow fabrics and opted to get the full four yards. they were $.25/yd more expensive, but I made up for it in shipping. fabric depot was having an issue with their site, and it wasn't allowing me to process the order. something strange - coming back saying I hadn't filled in parts of my order when I so obviously had. rather than get frustrated (and end up ordered 87 yds of green fabric), I just opted to purchase from the other store. worked out! they were super fast, too... had my order within a few days and it was coming cross-country, too! anyway, I think the full four yards will be good... I can decide later if I want to use that, or the "sub fabric" for the border. I've got time!

the week is a big blur... I don't even remember what I did! things were pretty chaotic at work, though... quoting is really picking up. I guess. :)

so I had a birthday last saturday. yup. the big 27. [sigh] it was awesome though. das and I had looked at MORE houses in the morning (after being out at the sun until 2:30a the night before), then he surprised me by getting the video game I've been begging him for. :) so while he napped all afternoon, I played my game. then we got changed and headed off for fuji japanese steakhouse for some birthday hibachi (my FAVorite). much to my surprise, I walk in and 11 of my friends are seated around the grill; they launched into applause at my arrival, but luckily they did not sing happy birthday. :) what a surprise. it was fantastic - thanks honey! you really are the best! :D oh, and one of my gifts was a quilter's tote. I haven't put anything in it yet, but trust me - it will be used!!

easter was great too... went to MIL's house. awesome food - good company. and it wasn't even that late an evening (considering she lives over an hour away and we didn't start dinner until 4:30p-5p).

overall, I've been working on a few things... no sewing, but mostly getting things together in my sewing room and in my mind. :) I'm excited about my quilting projects... and hope to get working on them soon. as I said... sometimes life gets in the way of creativity. :) oh, I was on jen's blog today and saw that she linked to a raffle quilt, plus is getting ideas for her own raffle quilt. I had been thinking about doing a raffle quilt for the american heart association, but am worried that I am putting too much on my plate given that I have other projects in the works. we'll see... that may happen, it may not. :)

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