Thursday, April 24, 2008


omg. can I just tell you the ridiculousness that has been my past few days?! work, where I do most of my blogging (shh don't tell), has been crazy. I work for a direct mail facility in the quoting department... a department of two people. and my coworker was out for the past three days. [sigh] usually, it's not too bad because my boss (the CEO) just happened to be out as well... but for whatever reason, I was just absolutely slammed with work. my coworker came back today (which is why I can take a few moments to blog) and all is somewhat right with the world. I still have a ton of work to finish, but at least I can breathe while doing it! :)

meanwhile, das and I are going to chicago tomorrow morning for a few days. we'll be visiting and staying with das's sister and brother-in-law, as well as catching up with some old friends (and give them their long-awaited wedding quilt - pics to follow) and just being general tourists. neither das nor I have been to the windy city, but we're excited for the opportunity! he and I can really make the best of whatever situation we're in... and we enjoy each other's company so we could be broken down in the middle of nowhere and we'd manage. :)

so, I've been busting my butt to finish up this ginormous quilt for this trip. I am still finishing it up, but only about half the binding plus the label remain. nothing I can't handle! I've been doing a LOT better with my bindings... I'm mostly just slow, but I've been cruising through this binding. so yay for that. for some reason, I love doing bindings. perhaps just the mindlessness of it... and I think I do a pretty decent job with it, too, so it gives me a sense of pride that my quilts are finished off so well. the pattern is called 'jacket plaid' from an older thimbleberries book. it was an easy pattern... didn't hurt that my mom had started a lot of it about ten years ago, and then since I needed the quilt for the wedding, let me take and finish it up. I did do about 80-85% myself, but there were quite a few (of 90) blocks already put together. it uses almost all thimbleberries fabrics, too, resulting in a very folky, homey look. the backing is a paisley repro. it's the first time that I've ever used a wideback for the backing - can I tell you how much I LOVE IT that I didn't have to piece the damn backing?! oh it was so fabulous. I really feel like that is all I will do now for backings... screw piecing! also, because I am a wicked procrastinator and I have been spoiled for the past few years with fast fast turnaround for my quilting... I waited until the last minute to get it all quilted. so the many places I contacted around here had no availability... even my usual LAQ was booked until the middle of may. so... I went to maine last weekend (to visit the folks and attend a maine quilts chair meeting)... and was so very fortunate to find a wonderful amazing woman who would quilt it for me while I was there - for the weekend. the quilting she did was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't ask for a more pleasant experience. she also does a lot of stuff out-of-state, so I may send some of my stuff out to her. she did such a great job... if anyone is in her area, or even if you aren't... she's worth it. and the prices are comparable to any other quilters, too. ok, enough plugging. :) anyway, I'll make sure to post some pictures (I always say that!).

so as I mentioned, I was in maine last weekend. a lot of it was travelling... the LAQ was about 45 minutes north of my parents' house... the chairpersons' meeting was an hour north of my parents' house... and then we had to do some random bits of driving to my mom's dr appointment. friday my dad and I drove up to drop off the quilt, then went out to lunch at governor's restaurant in lewiston. I hadn't eaten there in so long. it was a great meal, though they are really known for their desserts, especially the strawberry shortcake. unfortunately, we didn't partake of the sweet treats... we were both full! then we came back and waited until my mom got home from work, then we took her to south portland for some bloodwork. since my dad and I ate so late, we just rummaged around at home for dinner... but then my mom suggested going to amato's for some hot sandwiches. I ended up with stuffers (think cinnamon rolls but instead of cinnamon and icing, it's spinach, broccoli and cheese). then for the rest of the evening, I ironed... I brought four or five projects to cut out and I just got the fabric ready and hanging on hangers. saturday, mom and I were up early and out to be in augusta by 9am for the meeting. it lasted about 3-1/2 hours (ugh) then we were back on our way home. when we got home, I did a lot of cutting. I was sore... there wasn't a height for any of the surfaces that worked well, so I just sucked it up and finished two total projects. I left one for my mom to work on (the michaela bag - a funky take on the messenger bag), and took two home to attempt to work on. oh, and we went back to amato's for dinner... I got a real maine italian. SO fabulous... I miss them so when I am in CT. :) then sunday... it was a family outing to drive up and pick up the quilt, then grab a quick bite, and off I went back to CT since I had a soccer game in west hartford at 4:30p. [sigh] the life I lead.

well, I am tired just remembering my weekend... and I have to get back to work! I'll be off in the windy city for a few days... I hope to grab lots and lots of pictures!

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