Wednesday, April 16, 2008

love of my life

so I'm going to be way totally uncharacteristically sappy for a moment. please bear with me.

I have ALL of my music on my ipod... mostly due to sheer laziness in changing it and making playlists and all that. so for the past week I have had my ipod shuffling through 8gb of music (roughly 1700 songs). the two songs that just came on were:

  • pachebel - canon in c
  • sugarland - (just might) make me believe

to the regular person, this may be a normal, albeit random, progression of music. however, 'canon in c' is what I walked out to at our wedding. and 'make me believe' isn't the song we danced to at the wedding, but it is kind of "our song" (though it was the wedding party dance). this just made me think of my wonderful husband and how lucky I am to have such a supportive rock to lean on. I would probably be a mumbling, girl-rocking-in-the-corner if it weren't for him keeping me grounded. well, I'd get by... but I'm pretty sure it'd be damned miserable. :)

anyway, I don't know if he'll read this... but babe... I love you! :)

ps) and he appreciates my quilting, too!

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