Friday, June 27, 2008

and for my last trick...

ok this will be the last post of the evening. I can't even continue with the insanity that is my life (at least regarding this stupid closing).

so das gets an email from our mortgage broker. he says to please forward on this information to our attorney because after repeated attempts to get in touch, he wasn't able to do so. it's essentially call so and so at such and such an address. whatever. it's probably super important so it only makes sense that we can't get in touch with anyone. awesome. so das calls our attorney on his cell phone - no luck. then he calls the office and speaks with the paralegal. das explains what's going on and... the paralegal goes OFF on him, starting in on some ridiculous tirade about how the mortgage broker hasn't communicated with anyone, that he's trying to place all the blame for mistakes on them... das was just stunned! das then started in about the $400 issue and how our real estate agent had suggested that we all pay $100 (us, the sellers, then sellers' atty, and our atty) so we could get it settled on monday. the paralegal says, "oh well if he offered a discount to all of his clients then we wouldn't be in business." wtf?! seriously... I doubt that... considering how much I'm sure you bleed from all these people. anyway... the paralegal says well I'll talk to the atty but I doubt that will be a viable option. oh really?!?! well then why don't you fight for us so that we don't have to pay it... so that YOU don't have to pay it either.

this is really draining the life from both of us. this &^#$% is @*!&%@# up. UGH!

I'm going to go to the grocery store so that I can get dinner and the fixings for peanut butter cupcakes with fluff frosting. don't hate... you know you love it. :) maybe I'll post the recipe. :)

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Jen said...

Gawd, I'd be so ready to just walk away from the whole deal. I feel your pain. I'd totally be ready to go off the deep end and just spend hours sobbing. I hope it gets beeter soon.