Friday, June 27, 2008

UPDATE: let me tell you MY story...

and it gets better. literally moments from the time I hit "publish post", das calls me and says, "so you want some MORE good news?!"... as if I wasn't already completely full up and bloated off of good news today. here's a paraphrased and must less-explitive laced version:

das: "so... [insert lawyer's name here] called me again. he talked to the sellers' attorney. apparently his client isn't budging and refuses to pay the $400 it cost to take the shanty down. he says that it was our bank that was requesting it so it shouldn't be his responsibility to pay. it wasn't in the contract or anything, so he says no dice."

kt: "oh. really? that's a surprise. he's normally so warm and fuzzy and always so accomodating."

das: "yeah. I called [insert real estate agent's name here]. he's pissed. he's going to call up [the lawyer] and rip him a new one. says he'll never use him again... and that HE should pay the $400 if he's not going to fight for us."

kt: "this is a huge sham. everyone sucks."

das: "pretty much. I guess next time we buy a house... we won't use him."

kt: "which could be in thirty years... or two months at this point. I really can't do anything but laugh now at the ridiculousness that is this real estate deal. it's insane that this is continuing on over $400."

das: "yeah. this sucks. anyway, I'll call you with more good news later. because there WILL be more. I guarantee it."

kt: "I wouldn't expect anything less at this point."

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