Tuesday, June 3, 2008

blogging from home?

this is the first time in a while that I have actually blogged from home! usually I'm at work scrambling in my spare time... but I'm actually home from work today! though not for anything good... I'm sick. I've been relatively miserable lately because of a wretched cough I've had. there weren't any accompanying symptoms really (other than the occasional runny nose in the morning, which I chalked up to sleeping with the window open), so only having this hoarse, hacking cough has NOT been fun. I opted to sleep downstairs on the couch, too, so that my hacking didn't wake up das (though he may have it now anyway... too soon to tell). this morning I woke up from the couch and just couldn't stop with the coughing; I was gagging from coughing so much! then I just went upstairs and lay down while das was getting ready for work, bowserface came up and joined me, and I slept. I slept hard. I finally wasn't coughing, I wasn't tossing... it was great. it's almost like my cough "broke"... it's going away (or at least become much less frequent, and much looser), but I've got some congestion and a headache now. I'll take that over the cough any day, though. I had toyed with going to the walk-in clinic, but with this turn of events, I may just opt to hit up CVS and get some cold and cough meds to help me with the rest of the day. and then, if I feel well enough, I'll go to burger king and get some lunch (because rodeo burgers and cheesy tots make everyone feel better!). I was thinking that I may get some quilting done today (I have a quilt to start and finish before june 20), but it's way too hot upstairs to be up here for too long, and really I should probably go lay down before I keel over. :) hopefully I can lay down for a bit then head out for dinner and errands. das is hitting up hooters for trivia night, so I'll be flying solo tonight (which is totally ok because then I can watch all the HGTV and food network and truTV I want, even though I'm bummed b/c I love hooters trivia night and their wings). hopefully tomorrow will be better for me!

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