Wednesday, June 4, 2008

[cough cough] ugh.

so... my afternoon yesterday (post-post, of course) consisted of a lot of food network (in HD, of course); giada, barefoot contessa, sandra lee, alton brown... [sigh] I wish I could be them! I also did the errands at CVS and got dinner at burger king (yum - the tots did make me feel better). the meds I got - store brand "tussin" liqui-gels - did *not* really do their thing. I was still hacking away... though not as frequently, I guess... but it was still frequent enough to be totally and ridiculously obnoxious. anyway... I felt well enough to give myself a spa mani/pedi. I had purchased during the last AVON go-round at work an inflatable foot tub (in the shape of a watermelon), watermelon fizzy foot tabs, watermelon foot scrub, and watermelon cooling foot lotion. it was absolutely fabulous. just what I needed! I then painted my toenails (first of the season) with a new color I'd gotten, too. THEN, I moved on and used my mary kay satin hands set with all the scrubs and painted my nails (which is always a good idea... at the time). they didn't turn out as good as the toes, but then again, they never do. :) it was a pretty fabulous evening of relaxation. then das got home from hooters and wasn't feeling so hot; the wings didn't agree with him. so he went to bed while I took my "night meds" (read: makes you super drowsy) with some graham crackers so it didn't upset my tum. I ended up watching some more tv and almost dozed on the couch before I went up to bed... and then neither of us could sleep. I kept coughing all night and das just felt like crap and couldn't sleep. I think I drifted off around 3am, probably from sheer exhaustion... don't know if das did or not. needless to say, I was wicked tired this morning!! and I was still coughing! UGH! so... I finally went to the walk-in clinic. the doctor checked me out, asked all the requisite questions, and sent me down the hall for x-rays. all was well there, so the doc gave me some nasal spray samples (to reduce the inflammation in my passages), a script for prescription strength tussin (woo hoo - I can sleep!), a script for a new albuterol inhaler, and a script for some antibiotics if in a few days the cough is still persisting. however, none of those things help me too much in the "right now" department, so I've been at work, coughing, for the rest of the afternoon.

but now I must go fill my scripts and get ready for dinner and bowling. then we'll probably crash watching tv... hopefully the team we're bowling is quick. if not, I'll just cough on them. sounds good, right?

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