Friday, June 6, 2008

cat's out of the bag...

so that's it!! and that, my internet audience, is my new home. das and I went on sunday morning to view a bunch of homes, and this one... this one was fantastic. it's a three-bedroom, one-bathroom ranch on half an acre of land. and the best part is it's in the town where we both work, which means about a two minute commute for both of us and several hundred dollars a month saved on gas expenses. yeah, you read that right... hundred. cutting our roundtrip commute (each) from an hour to 5 minutes... makes a giant difference. there's also a brand new remodeled kitchen (with corian countertops), new windows, new doors, new vinyl siding, new energy efficient furnace, new hot water heater, new roof... it's a gem, really. :) and also what's great is that there is a lot of room for potential to grow. we can finish the basement in a few years; we could add a set-back garage; we could add on in the back; we could build a deck (something that I hope happens sooner rather than later...). it's just so fantastic... das and I are absolutely excited.

anyway, we put in an offer on monday after viewing the house and making our decision that we wanted to move forward with everything. we went back and forth with the sellers a few times, but they came back with a final; if we can't meet that, then no such luck. of course their final price was a bit beyond what das and I had agreed on as our final price... so after a few days, we decided that with all the amenities the house would bring, plus with it being so close to our work, that it would be worth spending a tad bit more on the house. so... we signed the paperwork this morning! and, in theory, we'll be closing at the end of the month (provided the mortgage paperwork and monday's inspection go as planned)!! this is so totally awesome and das and I are elated! I guess I shouldn't get all my hopes up until it passes inspection and we officially get the keys at closing, but jeez louise... it's awesome!! :)
oh, and for now, I think the office(s) will be upstairs as one of the spare rooms, and that I'll have my sewing area downstairs in the basement (even though it's not finished yet) - the ironing board will already be down there since the washer and dryer hookups are there. I can put down some cheap dorm room carpet pieces (for my footsies) and spread out a bit. then das and I can set up property lines (his "lounge" will be down there eventually, too)... he he. but I'd rather be down there anyway rather than cooped up in a room. I may have to compete for space with the oil tank, but hey, it's all good. :)

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