Saturday, June 7, 2008

did someone leave the oven door open?

seriously?  it's literally a bazillion degrees in CT right now... specifically the second floor of our house.  I was going to sew a little bit today... do some cutting at least.  but golly... I was dripping sweat just breathing.  so no sewing today.

I will be going tomorrow to visit a quilter named nini who has been exclusively hand quilting for all her life.  I am excited to see her work; perhaps it will inspire me to get some work done!!  of course, I am planning on stopping at the store, too, and making, at least, a chocolate sformato for my friend's birthday, which is on tuesday.  I am bringing the food in on monday though as a little surprise.  I think that she needs it... she's had a rough few days (to say the least).  I am considering also making a carrot and pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting... but I digress...

so anyway, das and I took his mom out to see movin' out this afternoon.  it was her mother's day/birthday present (the two are only a few days apart).  first, I'll say that it was fantastic!  I'd been wanting to see it and when we saw it was playing relatively locally, we figured this was a great opportunity.  we also invited my MIL's cousin to go, too, because she lives in the area.  I don't want to describe too much because I don't want to give it away (not that there's too much to really give away now that I think about it).  anyway, I initially thought that it was going to be your run of the mill musical with singing and dancing and all that jazz.  I was excited that the whole show was based on billy joel's songs because I love his music... so when I saw the band at the top of stage... and that's really it... I was a bit confused.  a minimalist stage presence, but ok... then... the musicians start up... and it's just dancers.  they are telling a story, based on joel's songbook, through dance.  I was quite taken aback at this... it was totally not what I expected!  however, as I got into it, but the third or fourth song, I was sucked in.  it was very powerful essentially "watching" joel's music come to life.  I absolutely loved it, and while it helped having known joel's music and loving it for a long time, you don't necessarily need to *know* the music to appreciate the power of its lyrics and tune.  I would recommend it to everyone - it's great!  so after the show, we went out to dinner at nino's italian restaurant.  the food was delish, but our waitress was, well, not *that* great.  :)  such is life.

well, it's wicked hot out and this laptop is adding some unnecessary degrees to my core body temperature.  good night all.

oh, and by the way - congratulations to moniek, who is getting married today!  good luck and best wishes!  :)

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