Friday, June 20, 2008

irritating and stupid people

ok... so I just need to NOT be nice for a second. let me just describe some of the idiotic things I've encountered this week.

  1. the guy that we are buying our house from faxed us back the listing of stuff he WOULD fix for us based on the list we sent him. now, we're shooting in the dark... but based on some statements we've seen and whatnot das and I assume that this dude is a contractor and did a lot of the work himself on the house. we figure maybe he bought the house as a flip and it didn't flip quite as fast as he would have liked. anyway, there are possibly a few things that he "fixed" that he didn't actually fix (we don't know for sure what the deal is). for example, the grading of our backyard... since everything slopes slightly, water was "draining" into the basement. we said we wanted it fixed (even though he said he'd done it already)... and he said, "NO". we also said, upon recommendation from the inspectors, that we wanted the receipts or copies of said receipts for all the new items (not word for word, of course)... "NOTE: we are not selling a new house here. andersen windows were installed and it's evident based on the sticker on the windows. other products will not have warranties that extend to second owners." ok... seriously?!?! wtf?!?! hello! we KNOW we aren't buying a new house nor did we ever suggest that we were. we want this information for down the line when we have to have something fixed or serviced so that we know when it was last done, or when it was purchased. we just want it on record for our own home-owning purposes. is that so wrong?! why do you have to cop an attitude with us... because we requested stuff to be fixed that you supposedly fixed already (but obviously didn't fix correctly or else the inspectors wouldn't have made note of it)... because we requested receipts that you may have already thrown out and thus can't provide to us as we asked... who knows. all I know is that he irritated the crap out of me. ugh.
  2. this morning das got an email from our mortgage people requested some additional information. as expected, this information was absolutely ridiculous. some crap about termite stuff and flood stuff or other crap I didn't pay attention to but am sure that we signed already. and then what really floored me... there was an inquiry into why I had been issued credit under the last name (maiden name). um, what? I don't know... ask any of the 500 people I had credit with while I was in college. oh wait, you aren't asking why it had been issued... you want to know why the last name (maiden name) was under the particular credit report for last name (married name). oh now I get it... you've caught me! all those aliases I had when I was an international spy... the us government couldn't catch me - but the smarties at the mortgage companay caught right on! so then I had to fill out a "name affadavit" or something like that listing all my "names" and putting my john hancock next to them to ensure that yes, I was all of those people. [sigh] I am slighly worried about the level of common sense going into this process... or rather, lacking, in this process.

that's all I can think of... but those two things alone... ugh! frustration!

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Suzan said...

You KNOW I feel your pain! Your seller sounds like a snotty jerk. Mine was too!