Saturday, June 14, 2008

oh what a day!

so. last night. well, let me explain last night first. I worked my butt off last night... staying until 8:30p to get stuff done. [sigh] I stop at bed, bath, and beyond to get das his "father's day" gift from the dog, but apparently what I wanted to get him was "online only" and I didn't know that. darn. oh well. :) so then I get home around 9:20p and I'm starving... so I whip up a quick batch of chipped beef on toast and while I'm eating... das says, "so... did you know that hulk is playing at the theatre at 10:15p?!" needless to say... we end up going to see hulk at 10:15p (just fyi: it's WAAAAY better than the crap they put out a few years ago claiming to be "the hulk" - this is good stuff... and right in line with 'iron man' and the s.h.i.e.l.d movie slated to come out, plus the nick fury movie.) thus... we got home relatively late and watched some tv before bed. yikes!

then we have today. my plan was to get up and clean and pack all day... I wanted to get my sewing room packed and possibly the spare room. das had even brought boxes home from work to help. buuuuuut, as one could expect... it didn't go that way. :D I got up late (which was nice for once) and then puttered around a little bit before making brunch (though at that point, it could have just been lunch). I fixed up some potato and onion hash (courtesy of '30 minute meals') and some eggs... I fried das's and poached mine. not too shabby. then... I did, um, nothing really. I thought about cleaning... but I actually did cut out das's irish chain quilt that I was supposed to have *done* for his may 21st birthday. oops. :) I needed the table space b/c my round "cutting table" just isn't doing it for me. I can't wait until I have my new tables and space to work in... [sigh] only a few more weeks! anyway... I went between cutting, watching the euro soccer match (spain vs. sweden and russia vs. greece), and playing darts on our new dart board. that took up the majority of the afternoon... then the thunderstorms rolled in. they were baaaaaaaad. and I was supposed to have a soccer game at 6:30p... so around 5:45p I called our league rep to see what the deal was... and all systems were go. so... das and I drove to west hartford where we *barely* had enough people to play. BUT, we got our first WIN of the season (of course, it was the last game of the season since we didn't make the playoffs). the game was cut a bit short by lightning, but we got about 75% done. then... there was the search. das, thanks to the plethora of p'zone commercials on tv, had it in his head that we *needed* to have calzones that night for dinner! so... we head back to the homestead a little after 8pm... but then we had to stop at walmart for some windshield wipers (b/c mine are shot and das was getting irritated riding in my car with them). then... by the time we get back to our area... several of the pizza places were going to close! I volunteered to make one (though I never have before)... but he didn't want to be disappointed (um, thanks?)... then quickly added we wouldn't have time. so we finally find a pizza place that wasn't closed... and low and behold - we got our calzones. I got pepper and onion; das got pepperoni. it was absolutely heavenly. in our three years plus at this house, we never got pizza from this place. figures we'd find it, oh, three weeks before we are moving out? [sigh]

anyway, time for bed b/c we have to get up early for a funeral tomorrow. what a bummer for father's day...

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