Thursday, June 12, 2008

this and that

so I was browsing through jill's blog and saw her newest purchase: tshirts from real women quilt. it's so going in my must haves section... as if I don't have enough tshirts. but honestly, I'm going to eventually be doing a tshirt quilt, so I'll need to replace the stock somehow! :)

I feel like I've been talking about my baby bowserface lately... so I'm going to post a few pictures of him. I hope you don't mind... he is my pride and joy (not to diminish the amazingness of my husband or my two cats... but I *really* am a dog person). sorry these are all lame and left-justified... I wish I knew how to center them properly... I really have a lot to learn about making my blog postings cooler. :)

so this weekend is going to be crazy with packing and whatnot (including packing up my sewing room... no working for a few weeks... boo!). however, next weekend is going to be awesome. friday night is my friend leah's album release concert. she's been working diligently in boston writing songs and performing all over the place (including at red sox and bruins games). all the proceeds are going toward the windham performing arts alliance. then, saturday night (I assume, since I haven't heard *any* information about it at all), is the windham chamber singer alumni concert. it will be so good to sing with more experienced people again... I've gotten away from singing in the past couple of seasons. which sucks... but such is life, I guess. also, some of these people I haven't seen since I graduated in 1999 (yeah, I did the math... my ten year reunion is next june). [sigh] it'll be a lot of fun, I think. I'm excited. :)
ok that's enough for now... I have to get some work done!! :)

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