Tuesday, August 5, 2008


ok first off... I LOVE this new fabric. well, it may not be new, but I'm so far behind on everything quilty and cool these days, it's new to me. :) I do hope that link works... it'd be a shame to miss out. it'd make such a cute bag using the pattern in my new terry atkinson book. that and some cute placemats, too.

so this weekend's been crazy. friday I stayed home while das was at poker night because we *finally* got our clothes dryer's outlet fixed so we can use it now. and we had quite a bit of laundry piled up! we could have gone to a laundromat, but I did that through college, then for a year when we lived in bristol. I wasn't keen on that. so we waited. :) saturday we did more laundry; das mowed the lawn (luckily just before the skies opened up); we played some video games (what? it was raining!); ran a LOT of errands around town (bought blinds and a dehumidifier!); went to our friends' house for dinner and some rock band (NOTE: there is music at that site that you have to shut off in the corner; only click if totally prepared!). that game is phenomenal. I love it and I need to perfect it. it's just fun, really. I can't wait for rock band 2... which das and I decided we would be getting (NOTE: also music at that link - click with caution). the song list is amazing... and I can't wait to bust out with some alanis, nirvana, beastie boys, the who, and, WHAT... ratt?!?! :D anyway, we rocked until about 1am or later. sunday, I went to a bridal shower (an ALL DAY bridal shower/BBQ) and das stayed home b/c they were installing our a/c. he also attempted to put up blinds, but failed miserably as we'd bought all stock blinds... and we needed custom cut blinds. so he had to take most of them back. ultimately we only have blinds in our bedroom now, but that's ok. I don't have to hide behind my bed anymore to get dressed every day. :)

yesterday I had a computer class for work so I was gone all day... which was nice. it was introduction to vba: excel. I learned a lot, which is always great. after work I stopped at target to pick up a few things and I saw a really neat 6-cube organizer that will be perfect for my fabric and such. now that we have the dehumidifier and an outlet in the basement (one's better than none), I'll be able to move my quilting stuff in downstairs!! :) schweet! I am hoping that maybe if my parents come this weekend with the full bed and my desk... I can use their rented trailer to bring back the quilting stuff from the other house. otherwise... I at least want to use my dad's SUV to bring some things back. that plus our other vehicles should do the trick. :)

so I'd like to introduce a new section to my blog. and I totally stole it from family guy. it's "what really grinds my gears". I figure I need a place to sound off every now and again. and now I can keep my rants organized! :D I know I'll be irritated with lots of things with a new house... and I'd like to rant about work, but I don't want to get fired (like the lovely dooce). it's bad enough that I blog at work. :) and, in general, I have a love-hate relationship with "people". most of them really just annoy the snot out of me... but if it weren't for that, life would seem so incessantly boring. don't you think? :D besides, I do believe that if you didn't have the bad, you wouldn't be able to recognize the good. however, that doesn't prevent me from blogging about your stupidity. at this juncture, I have only one rant (that I will share with you right now). and that is about ATM fees. when I was at maine quilts and both my mother and I had exhausted our cash stash, we realized then that we didn't have MY car with the convenient ez pass. we had HER car... which required cash for the tolls. though I'd be lying if I said I didn't pause to wonder if toll booths took debit cards. anyway, I volunteered to stop at the ATM. I have spank of america. I hate them. but that's another rant altogether. anyway, b/c they feel as though they have enough ATMs in the world, SoA charges you to use a "foreign" atm. I took out $20. I got charged $2 by the bank whose ATM I used plus $2 by SoA. I got charged 20% of my withdrawal to use the freaking ATM. how BS is that?! granted, it wouldn't have been so bad if I had taken out more, but I am not a cash carrier. I use my debit card everywhere. I feel safer using that than cash. anyway, ATMs are certainly a convenience for many people from a variety of banks, but what is inconvenient is having to pay to cover your "transfer costs" between banks. don't you make enough money on inflated interest rates and bank overdraft fees to cover the $.022 it probably costs to "transfer fees" between banks without charging me a million dollaridoos? maybe I just need to switch to banknorth or liberty. and that, grinds my gears. :)

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