Wednesday, August 6, 2008


just when you thought it was safe to rely on cheap fast food. now you can't even have a solid dollar menu to get you by at 2am or later. (sigh) what is this world coming to?

on a food related-note, I made a pretty kick-butt meal last night. part from a recipezaar recipe, part from me. I did cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon with roasted red potatoes with garlic and onions. I thought it turned out pretty good. das thought it was almost the greatest thing since sliced bread! which was really awesome. das is one of those people who will tell me it needs work, how it needs to be fixed, and eat it anyway. which rocks. :) it makes for a good cooking environment. last night when we were eating, I asked what he thought. he responded that it was good. but there were no additional tips he added. cool, I thought. then I get an email at work today that said everyone at work wants the recipe for the greatest recipe ever. what?! I didn't realize the enthusiasm for this chicken deliciousness. anyway, I typed up a quick recipe for the peeps at his work... and now I can't wait until das tells them about the homemade pickles I did last night. :) they have to set for 10 days... so I'll let you know how they turn out on august 16th. don't let me forget.

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