Monday, September 22, 2008

if you're sick and you know it, clap your hands!


ugh. I feel like total crap today. which is only slightly better than the way I felt yesterday and saturday. it's not even congestion that's killing me now; I can breathe freely through my nose. the aching - OH the aching. my back is screaming at me and all friday night after the uconn football game, I couldn't get warm to save my life. I had about forty-seven blankets on me and I was still curled up into the fetal position trying to create a ball of warmth. AND I didn't get to bed until around 4am.

saturday, I had to get up to drop off my goods to the durham fair. das had gotten up before me and was printing out the pictures he wanted to use for his entries and mine (nothing like waiting until the ultimate last minute)... then I threw some clothes on and went to the drop off. being at the fairgrounds made me so excited for next weekend's fair. I do enjoy the durham fair; it's always a lot of fun. I'll be going with my friend and her son, so that should be enjoyable as well. I, obviously, am hoping that my quilt fares well (though I realize now that I totally forgot to clip a stray thread from the machine quilting), and my photo and my pickles. I hope that das's photos come out well, too. the last time he entered the fair photography, he ended up with honorable mention... which is OK, but he deserved way better than that, especially given the photos that he was up against. he's not a professional photographer, but he takes pride in his work (only because I force him to) and I think the results weren't exactly uplifting and confidence-boosting. but, I convinced him to enter again (or rather I just signed him up and told him to just pick something)... so I am totally hoping for the best. after I got home, we immediately left to go to das's aunt and uncle's house to scope out their couch. they wanted to know if we'd like to have it, and considering this one doesn't smell like cat pee... it's already a gazillion times better than our current couch. so they're going to bring it over tomorrow. yay! at this point, I was starting to get way super cranky from feeling awful and the lack of sleep. but I showered while das mowed the lawn and we made our way over to our friends' apartment for a wine tasting. it was a fantastic night full of laughs, great food, and awesome wines. but we didn't get back until late, and at that point I felt wretched.

sunday I woke up at 7:45a for my 9a soccer game. then I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. I could barely even move... my joints and muscles just ached, and I had a really bad sinus headache. so I missed the game... and then when das tried to wake me up at 11:30a to tell me we needed to get ready for our friend's daughter's birthday party... I channeled regan macneil and told him I wasn't going. so I slept. more. then read. and slept. and got out of bed around 5p-ish. and only because I needed food. so nothing happened on sunday. at all.

today... well, I slept a lot of today, too. the aching joints thing is really getting to me. my back is just throbbing. I'm actually a little light-headed, too. but I eventually made it to work (even though my boss told me to go home b/c he needs me more tomorrow)... and now I think I'm going to go home again. it's just draining...

tonight, and hopefully I'm up to it, I need to finish my center for my kosher pickles round robin block. I have an idea of what I'm going to do... I just need to get it together and finish it. I'm supposed to have guild drop-in tonight, but I'm not feeling up to it. also, heroes is premiering tonight which is awesome... but I won't be watching. das has bowling so we probably will have to wait for a while before we'll have time to watch. I'm hoping to do a rundown of what shows we'll be watching this season... or what we want to watch. we'll see...

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