Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I enjoy my camera

really... I do. I think it's awesome. it's just... that once the pictures go on. well, they don't automatically transport themselves onto my computer and upload into shutterfly and blogger. which is totally unfair. so I boycott their complete lack of consideration by leaving as many pictures and videos as possible on my card.

until das gets mad at me for keeping all the photos on the card and then the card gets full and he can't use it when he needs to.

so here's a few photos for your entertainment. goodness knows it'll be a while to train all those new photos we'll take to jump into my hard drive. :)
old couch...

... new couch (contrary to popular belief - the style is kinda dated)

these are our beautiful kitties... they were napping together which was mega super cute.

hmm... let see. what else can I share? ah yes... this is my center block (in progress) for my jewish online quilting group (the kosher pickles). we are doing a hanukkah border exchange. I, as you can see, am paper piecing them... which I haven't done in forever. so there's a lot coming back to me... after it's already too late to do anything about it. such is life.

here are some photos of my quilting "studio". I am set up in our basement. I didn't move anything in until we had our dehumidifier, so at least my fabric is hanging tough. it could use some more light... but hey, it's a basement. what do I want?

and last but not least... a glimpse of the quilt I've been working on my friend's newborn (read: he's three months old now). I did only pick up the kit in july after I decided I wasn't going to design something but wanted something frog-related. it was perfect. and from pincushion boutique.

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