Saturday, September 27, 2008

yummy yummy

we had a pot luck luncheon at work yesterday afternoon. it was a fall theme and it was very very tasty. we had beef stew, pumpkin bread, apple butter and bread, tortellini soup... oh it was so good. I brought apple cake and crock pot applesauce. quite possibly the two greatest things I've ever made with apples. I'm by no means an apple pie person. oh I'll *eat* apple pie. but I can't make it to save my life. I just... don't get it. it never works out for me. but these... these apple recipes. it was magic on my tongue. so... try them. while you still have fresh apples. you'll thank me later. trust me.

so last night I worked on my hanukkah center. yes, it was supposed to be turned in on thursday, but stuff happened (namely I was making the above recipes). I will be on my way shortly to finish it up and then mail it out to CA. I couldn't find any of my judaic fabrics (because they are all in the other house) so I used repros instead. I'm ok with that. it's still a menorah regardless of what era of fabrics are used. :)

so the weather reports are saying that it's going to be crazy rain today... but it's the day of the durham fair. ugh! it's not doing anything major right now, so I hope it holds off. I'm waiting for my friend storey to call to give the go-ahead so she and her son can come with... crossing my fingers... it'll be a lot of fun!!

ok... off to finish up!

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