Saturday, September 13, 2008

something other than quilting?!

so the past couple of days I have been working on a few things of the "non-quilting" variety. I know, I know... who could possibly think there is craft in this world OTHER than quilting. ;)

I had wanted to get back into knitting after several people had attempted to teach me the craft. my darling friends lisa and melly were very patient with me, but alas, once I came back to connecticut... I would make mistakes and not necessarily have a local outlet to question my methods. it also didn't help that I am a very visual learner and the books I had just didn't cut it in terms of adequate explanation. actually I *did* finish something, The Misshapen Pink Scarf, but then I just didn't know what to do after that.

there were a lot of dropped stitches and the tension was way off. it was like I knew something was wrong... and just didn't know how to fix it. so, as any logical crafter would do: I scrapped the whole mess. until now. I have been wanting to get back into knitting. so I was a little more proactive this time... I signed up for ravelry. this site is so fabulous for organizing your knitting and crocheting projects, finding like-minded individuals... which is what I did. I found someone in town who had a gazillion more projects under her belt than I did... and she taught me. well, we mostly just talked (we do have a lot in common), but it was a fun time and I'm looking forward to having a knitting outlet now. of course, in typical kt-fashion... I have already screwed it up... I switched my stitches (knitting when I should have been purled, and vice versa) and I added a stitch somewhere... I know how it probably happened, but *dont'* know how to fix it. :) I'm really helpless right now. :) but hey, I didn't know how to purl before, and now I do. it's already an improvement. and I'm glad, too, for the knitting because I do like to spend free time with das as much as I can and this is much more portable than my sewing machine. I do like doing embroidery, too, but I worry about all of the threads and whatnot getting lost and keeping thing organized. maybe I just need a better system. :)

also, last night, one of my friends from work came over for dinner and to see the new house. after some socialization and all that jazz, we busted out with her cuttlebug, I brought up the stamps and we worked on a couple things. one is a super secret project that I can't post for a little while lest the person who is receiving it reads the blog by chance. the other things were my "we've moved" notification postcards for our family and friends. yeah yeah, I know. you're thinking, "hey kt. did you move in, oh, july?!" that's a resounding yes. but... well... I'm a procrastinator. ;) I'm a little upset by the sheer volume of them... I think I did fewer cards for our save-the-dates. (sigh) I also realized that I need my colored pencils, which I believe are still at our other house. go figure.

it was definitely a late night though... and I slept in late today. which is why I have to sign off and finish up some cooking before heading out for uconn football. game's at 7:30p... but I'm getting picked up for tailgating at 2:30p! have a great day!
(note: sorry about the card photo - it's landscape on my computer, but it's uploading as portrait. anyone know how to fix that?!)

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