Monday, September 8, 2008

the photos I promised!

ok... so here are some photos that I promised yesterday (ok ok, not all of them - I didn't do the quilt yet).

this dude was all about "the hay is tastier on the other side". I love goats! so cute...

these were the uber-cute little baby chicks. of course all the little kids were like, "let me touch them let me pick them up!!" I said, "let the big kids have some fun, too." :) but ultimately, we all got to play and hold the baby chicks. so I didn't have to fight anyone.

there were very few quilts, or anything for that matter, entered in the arts and crafts area. the barn that held all the crafts was probably slightly smaller than my house in square footage. such a shame, really. anyway, this was one of the cakes. I thought it was brilliant... especially since I'm trying to get back into knitting again on a more regular basis! how FABulous is this? no cake wrecks here!

ok, that's all I'm sharing for now. I had a video that was kind of cute, but I don't really know how to do that and I'd rather be quilting (instead of copying cds, ugh). I had quilt guild tonight which was pretty cool... definitely an interesting group of women. I've never actually been to a meeting for a guild even though I've been a member of the guild in maine for a couple of years. show and tell was pretty awesome... very inspiring. I did bring a show and tell... my cow quilt (that still isn't finished) from maine quilts 2007. it got some oohs and aahs... so perhaps that will be the motivation I need to finish it up. only time will tell.

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