Sunday, September 7, 2008

good weekend :)

so the weekend is coming to a close and I'm just going to toss a few things out into cyberspace. first off, I am exhausted. I haven't gone to bed this early in ages. perhaps I need to start doing that... second, I had a FABulous time whitewater rafting on the deerfield river in MA. it was such a great experience; I should have some pics to post soon as our group organizer bought the CD to share with all of us. hopefully he'll burn the cd soon! next, I did a lot of sewing on saturday night and today. I didn't take pics yet, but the baby quilt is coming along nicely. I have everything cut out and a few of the pieces put together. there will be twenty blocks in total when it's done (which seems like a large baby quilt); perhaps I can get some shots tomorrow before or after quilt guild. I also have to go to lowe's or home depot and see if I can find two dozen bell jars for my pickles. I need to have them in the fridge by wednesday in order to ensure they'll be done by the 20th for the fair drop-off! anyway, lastly, my friend and I went to the hebron fair today... it was nice. neither of us had been before and it was a lovely three-and-a-half hours of walking and enjoying the atmosphere. because of the hurricane and torrential downpours last night, the fair closed at 6pm saturday (rather than staying open much later), so there were A LOT of people who were there today to make up for lost time! it was still worth it though, and I would go again. I would even consider entering some things as there was a very tiny tiny arts and crafts section for judging... I saw, at most, seven quilts. seriously.

ok, time for bed now... I'm tired! I'll try and get some photos up! have a happy monday (ew).

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Jen said...

OMG, he's scary!!! I would have screamed bloody murder.