Wednesday, October 15, 2008

never in my life have I paid so much for one piece of sushi and two blisters

but trust me... oh was it worth it. :)

das and I went out for our anniversary yesterday evening. it was a beautiful night... and damn! did I look beautiful. ha ha. no really. we both dressed up... I in my black-dress-that-I-wore-to-forty-seven-weddings-last-year dress (complete with large pink I-support-ta-tas shawl) and das in blue with a blue and yellow tie. it's fun to get dressed up... every once in a while. otherwise, it's just plain annoying. we both get to wear jeans to work... so it's not often that we have the opportunity to get gussied up.

anyway, we dined at feng asian bistro (sound) in hartford. it's one of those places where you only go for a) happy hour, or b) when you have an anniversary/birthday/other special event that requires a "special" (read: expensive) dinner. plus I had a coupon. not really a coupon... but a "value opportunity" courtesy of my job. anywho... it was divine. the food was literally melting in my mouth. we started off with an appetizer off the specials menu: thinly sliced yellowtail with jalapeños and pineapple citrus sauce. we were a bit concerned when the waiter asked if we wanted to order two of them. we totally thought we were going to have to split some bay scallop-sized piece of sushi between the two of us since we only ordered one. however, it ended up being six VERY thinly sliced pieces of fish which were to be wrapped around the pepper and dipped in the sauce. it was very light and flavorful; the citrus sauce perfectly balanced the heat of the jalapeño (which wasn't that bad at all anyway). we also got drinks... I opted for a reisling from, I believe, oregon... or somewhere else on the northwestern coast. it was very good, though at $11/glass... I sipped it for the rest of the night! das got a green tea martini which was skyy vodka, green tea liquer, and brewed green tea. I had a taste and it was quite good (he ended up with two on the night). for our meals, we opted for sushi over a real cooked entrée. das, as is par for the course, opted for the sushi dinner, which is usually chef's choice sushi. he got a great selection of quality sushi including salmon, yellowtail, and fatty tuna. I got the "autumn in connecticut" roll. I have never tasted a roll as fabulous as this (though I'm really willing to try and find something - please... keep the sushi coming!). it was spicy alaskan king crab, salmon, avacado, yuzu masago, wasabi pepper, and momiji juices. I told das that he could have a piece, and it pained me (after tasting it) to allow him to take one. see honey - I *do* love you! I also ordered special a la carte sushi off the daily specials menu. this was a special fatty tuna. it was fabulous. it was $12/piece. I ordered two. oy. but dear lord was it so fantastic. das and I inhaled our food... and we were still hungry. so we figured what the hell? we've already spent enough on high quality sushi that we'll need to sell our first born and still get a second mortgage... what's another roll gonna do? so we ordered, again, off the daily specials menu... the surf and turf roll. I don't have the exact ingredients... but all you need to know is that it was mainly lobster on the inside and it had thinly sliced filet mignon on the outside. [drool] it took a lot of willpower to not hoarde that all to myself. seriously. but damn. it was good. the waiter then came over, while I was wiping the drool off my face, and asked if we wanted to join the VIP club. almost in unison, we ask, "is it free?" :) which of course it was... and we got a cool VIP card... not unlike the VIP card I have for hallmark gold crown stores and price chopper. apparently with this card we get deals sent to us for birthdays and/or anniversaries. so I said, "well, what about if today is our anniversary?" so the waiter leaves and comes back with a free dessert! there was no crazy singing or pieces of flair, but this chocolate cake was so rich and delicious... it all but made up for the lack of indifferent waitstaff offering up their version of "it's your birthday, baby". oh, and the wicked cool thing about this VIP program... is if we spend $20,000 on food their (racking up 20,000 points)... we get a FREE carnival cruise vacation for two! rad!

after the dinner... we walked back to the bushnell theatre for our second half of the evening...

... to be continued!

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Suzan said...

I adore sushi. I don't trust the stuff they have here in no man's land but if you are ever in Virginia Beach, Mahi Mah's has a great sushi platter with lots of sushi and a very reasonable price.