Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the show must go on...

so after we dined (and racked up quite the bill)... das and I walked back to the bushnell theatre to see the opening performance of 'sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street'.

let me preface this by saying that das and I had an idea of what to expect, though neither of us had seen the movie or read the book or really knew the plotline. when I bought the tickets, it was more for the "night out at the theatre for our anniversary" kind of thing than for the show itself. das's sister had given us some input saying she had seen it in chicago and it was... ok... but the set was very "minimalist". dave's sister aside, I think people in chicago may have higher expectations for their theatre than we do here in hartford; she said people were leaving during the show. um, no way dude... I paid hard-earned money for these tickets... hell if I'm leaving!! anyway, we got there early... enjoyed a cocktail and took our seats. I had gotten second row front balcony, which was great... cheaper, but still with a great view. overall, I would have to agree with her. it was very... small. the cast, while highly talented, was an all-in-one cast. they were the orchestra, the actors, and the set-movers. which really led to an increase in "use of imagination". (sigh) I thought the story was great... I can't wait to see the movie (and, well, johnny depp... duh). I don't think that I would leave (we didn't), but I wouldn't see it again. except in movie form. with johnny depp. (drool)

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