Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ho. Ly. CRAP!

so this week... whoa.

I don't really like to give specifics about work b/c you never know who is paying attention to random blogs. but holy crapola. it has been so busy. which, I guess, is good... but just b/c MY department is busy does not mean that our actual BUSINESS is doing well.

I quote things. therefore, not everything that I see will become an actual job. so it kind of makes me nervous when I overhear things like the satellite location is low on people because there was no work for them to do so they were all sent home... or how there are quite a few people (who I assume were) on the upper register of payroll who have been downsized. our company has always said that they've never had a major layoff... which may be true... I guess they just do it all stealth-like and only one-by-one so that it doesn't seem like a major layoff. :) I am not scared for my position, though I do know of people for whom I am worried.

so, in light of this... I GOT ANOTHER JOB. well, not to quit this and do something else. I actually like my job. I got another bartending job. so I have one that essentially runs from september to march/april... one that runs from march/april to early winter... and then the full-time job.

no one can again comment upon my lack of quilting, crafting, etc... not even me. :)

I am looking forward to the challenge of this new bartending gig... it should be a lot of fun and I expect to learn a lot. not that I don't in my other job, but really... it's a completely different atmosphere. it'll just be different junk laying claim to my memory. yay!

ok. back to work. the world just needed to know where I was.

or maybe I just needed to tell the world where I was.

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B said...

Congratulations on your new bartending gig! I did that for a few years back many years ago in my career. Just remember, the tips are good!

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