Wednesday, January 28, 2009

spoonful of sugar

there's a lot going on in my world.

  • I am finally trying to make heads or tails of my "hometown" quilt guild website.
  • I am helping out some friends with some print materials for their respective jobs/events.
  • I am picking up the slack at work b/c my coworker just opened her own wedding invitation business and is using some of her work time to take care of some details here and there (or just gets easily distracted by searching for new paper stock and invitation ideas on the web).
  • I have three jobs.
  • I am trying to cook more complete meals at home rather than throwing something together at the last minute (read: hamburger helper).
  • I am helping to plan a bachelorette party.
  • I am preparing for a wedding shower.
  • I am the newly-elected vice president of my local soccer league... thusly I am in charge of retaining the old (and obtaining new) sponsorship plus plan three weekends worth of preseason clinics.
  • I need to finish cleaning our office so I can have space for all of the information regarding the above tasks.

then there's the stuff that I just want to do...

  • finish the flannel pillowcases for my friends' children before it gets too late for flannel pillowcases
  • spend some time knitting
  • wear more makeup
  • upload more photos to shutterfly (of our wedding, for example, and of ireland)
  • do yoga
  • take walks (with and without bowser)
  • spend time with das
  • read more books (including "unstuck", even though I don't feel stuck anymore)
  • watch movies I haven't seen, and some that I have seen
  • take a cooking class

I realize that the first list is, well, really a bunch of stuff that could probably fall under "wants" as well. no one ever said that I had to have three jobs. I could deal without the other two. but I like bartending. no one forced me to do the website for quilt guild. but I wanted to help bring our ladies into the technology age. my friends didn't say I had to help them. but they're my friends, so why wouldn't I offer? I wasn't forced into leadership in soccer. but I wanted to be a part of that which organizes and supports our league.

the short answer is... that there is no short answer. some say that life is too short to go to bed early and sit on the couch. some say that if you want to do it, then your time will come. some say that you have to worry about yourself and make YOU happy.

I say as crazy and hectic as my life is right now... I'm ok with it. because I know... my time won't come... it's already here. really... life's too short to think otherwise.

what do you think?


Jen said...

I think you're normal! We've all got insane lists like yours, they just contain different items!

Storeyann said...

Oh, KT, my dearest. You are totally normal. We do all have crazy lists of things to do, it's part of being a grown up. The list will only get longer. Just make sure that while taking care of the things you are "obligated" to do (I say that because even though they are things you want to do, you sort of told someone you would, and should be held to that) you should also make time for the things you want to do. Especially the spending time with das.
Oh, and, as a semi professional cleaner/organizer, I'd happily voluteer my services to help with your office.