Thursday, February 5, 2009

calling all quilters

dear quilting friends of the internet,
this past november my friend asked me to create something for her: a quilt. this may be nothing special, but this quilt *was* different. her aunt, after a long-fought battle, succumbed to cancer earlier that week. she wanted me to do a signature quilt, a healing quilt, for the friends and family members. I quickly got together some muslin rectangles and some pigma pens for her as there wasn't enough time to finish up all the blocks fully before the service. now, I have the signature blocks, but not the rest of the fabric to finalize the block. she would have wanted greens. that was her favorite.

sure, I could go out and have my friend buy some fabric, but I thought that maybe I could ask the internet. everyone is so pro-stash-busting... that maybe that random piece of green you still have that doesn't really go with anything... could be donated to a quilt that will help a family remember someone who was taken from their lives too early. even just one 5" square would help. even something from your uglies - this will become a quilt that is loved - the fabric will find a good home.

if you are interested in help me out in creating this, please let me know. there's no obligation. I'm not asking for yards. just a couple of 5" squares would be perfect. :)

thank you from me, my friend, and her family.

warmest regards,

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DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Are you still looking for blocks? If so please email me at I would like to help you get the word out and help make some blocks.